Watch Trump Get Up And Leave UN Climate Summit After Appearing To Look Irritated And Annoyed

A look into what makes Trump tick(ed off).

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Today has NOT been a good day for Donald Trump. He had planned to skip the UN Climate thingamajig altogether, but then his stupid aides told him he better make an appearance. So he figured he would show up and let all his fans take pictures of him, but then somebody brought up the Nobel Prize, which set him off again (goddamn Obama). Plus that little “activist” girl from Norway or Denmark or wherever sneered at him in a totally mean way, and he knew he shouldn’t have listened to his staff.

Frankly, I don’t blame him for sitting through the whole excruciating 12 minutes he spent listening to weird accents talk about “climate change” (they used to call it global warming until they couldn’t sell that angle anymore) with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. And if Mike hadn’t clapped when Trump clapped and scowled when Trump scowled, he would have had a reason to be in an even worse mood.


But then, right when the guy from India who seems pretty cool (with that whole thing he’s doing in Kashmir) finishes talking, Trump’s arch-nemesis Angela Merkel gets up to speak and he just can’t handle this bullshit anymore.

That’s when Trump and his quick-mimicking sidekick Mike get up without clapping for her — he knows she’s watching his every move, after all, and that should show her who’s who in the “Leader of the Free World” category — and they just jet. Like, “blow this popsicle stand” style. They are done, finished, about to make this stupid-ass global warming class into a history class.

Even that silly gay guy from Mike’s state was watching to see what they’d do and caught a picture of them JUST as they were getting ready to split:

Who needs these clowns? We’ll run the world by ourselves.

Featured image via screen capture

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