Trump Attacks “Crooked As Hell” Journalist In Front Of Polish President During UN Meeting

Trump gets caught for treason, but the PRESS is crooked.

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As time ticks by and as more and more polls show that a handful of Democratic presidential candidates could beat the Donald, Trumpy seems to be unraveling at the seams. It’s understandable, of course, that he would be. Tiny Hands can’t handle the press or criticism.

During a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the U.N. General Assembly, Trump was asked by the press about his call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which was revealed thanks to one whistleblower in the Trump administration.

In his comments, Trump accused Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son of being corrupt and criticized the press as being “crooked as hell.”


Here’s what he said:

Joe Biden and his son are corrupt … but the fake news doesn’t want to report it because they’re Democrats.

If a Republican ever did what Joe Biden did, if a Republican ever said what Joe Biden said, they’d be getting the electric chair probably right now.

Look at the double standards. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves … But you got a lot of crooked journalists. You’re crooked as hell.”

Listen, Trump, great journalism is not motherfucking Sean Hannity on Fox News, okay?

What’s great is Trump has even admitted he spoke with the Ukranian president about Biden. Yet, he doesn’t get the magnitude of his actions.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the death penalty. Know what the punishment for treason is? Death. One Twitter user noted that piece of information.

This all boils down to one thing. Polls are showing Biden could beat Trump in the 2020 election, and Trump knows he’s in deep shit. Period.

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Tori Smith