Watch As Trump’s Secretary Of Commerce Appears To Fall Asleep During Trump’s UN Speech

Poor Wilbur Ross is going to sleep right through the earlybird special.

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Less than an hour ago, the White House tweeted out the live broadcast of Donald Trump’s address to the UN, and let me tell you, it has been heart-stopping. I mean really, truly breathtaking.

Just ask Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, whose heart has apparently stopped, since we can’t tell if he’s even breathing right now.


Trump’s droning proclamations, in fact, have the internet wondering whether the President himself is on autopilot this morning, or whether he perhaps missed a dose of his ADHD pills. The Vice President seems to be suffering from whatever affliction has befallen the room at the UN today, his own eyes barely open a half-centimeter more than Trump’s, either of them easily blindfolded with a shoelace at this point:

The only ones in the room that are clearly awake are Trump’s children, who all look like they’re studying for an exam, other than Ivanka, who is nodding like she’s hearing a sermon about wearing appropriate clothing to gatherings of world leaders:

One can hardly blame Ross, however. He is an ancient being, full of the kind of lengthy experience that makes it okay for him to apparently fall asleep in EVERY meeting, according to a report in Politico back in June. However, the Commerce Secretary, despite looking like ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s dummy Walter, has strongly disputed those accounts:

We’ll let today’s video guide your own judgment of whether Ross has a knack for tuning out at all the right times. And we’ll let this side by side help you determine whether Ross is a ventriloquist’s dummy:

Featured image via screen capture

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