Photo Emerges Of Ivanka Suffering A Wardrobe Malfunction At United Nations Assembly

Maybe she doesn't OWN a mirror, did you think of that???

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Ivanka Trump showed up, as you might have expected, at the United Nations along with her father, although it’s still unclear as to what, exactly, her position is within the US government. Surely nothing too important, since she has no experience at anything, ever, in any capacity.

Actually, strike that. She does have experience with fashion. That makes today’s faux pas even more baffling. It seems that Ivanka was suffering from perhaps an imperfect fit on her undergarments or maybe it was extraordinarily cold in every room she entered, or it could have been that she was just really, really happy to be there.

What I’m trying to say is, all of the pictures currently on Twitter seem to be of Ivanka’s pointy nipples making a surprise appearance on the world stage.


Our pal Grant there was hardly the only one to notice.

I almost feel like a boob making light of it, but the thing is that if Ivanka’s going to point fingers at her fellow white women, whose support for her father seems to be sagging lately, she should at least keep herself abreast of what she looks like before she makes an udder fool of herself.

Anyway, I’ll show myself the door.

Featured image via screen capture

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