VP Mike Pence Breaks His Silence On Twitter, Perpetuates Trump’s Mexico Lie

He should've stayed silent!

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Vice President Mike Pence is known for a couple of things — hating gays while ironically enough, constantly sucking Donald Trump’s ass.

Honestly, if it weren’t for his repeated declarations of homosexual hatred so deep that he’d like to see all of us electrocuted to death, we’d think the man really doesn’t have a single brain cell that’s independent of Donald Trump’s wide ass.

Generally speaking, all you’ll hear from him is parroted reiterations of everything that the president has to say — common sense, integrity, and even dignity be damned.


Perhaps that’s why he usually steers clear of his Twitter account. Donald seems to have the social media realm more than covered with his incessant nonsense. All Pence needs to do is smile, wave, and make sure he has a constant supply of chapstick so as not to end up with sore lips from all the ass kissing.

But every once in a while, even Pence will break out his dusty Twitter account. But never with any genuine, original thoughts of his own. And that’s exactly what he’s done this time when he took to his otherwise abandoned social media account just to praise president Trump and peddle his blatant lies.

“[President Trump’s] strong stand got Mexico to do things they have never done before: 6,000 National Guard at their southern border, immigration checkpoints throughout Mexico & allow ALL illegal immigrants from Central America to remain in Mexico pending their asylum claims..” Pence’s tweet read.

Of course, it’s just as a big a crock of shit coming from the mouth of Pence as it is from the president himself, considering Donald didn’t actually get Mexico to do anything that they weren’t already doing to begin with — as Mexico had already made an agreement months before Trump’s ridiculous tariff threats that were instantly met with some pretty harsh criticism.

Of course, Twitter jumped all over it:

Let’s just hope that proper Twitter roasting prevents him from breaking his silence again for a while. We do not need two asshats tweeting nonsense from the White House. One is enough.

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