Kellyanne Conway Forgets Who Her Boss Is, Lashes Out At Nancy Pelosi For “Losing Her Temper”

This is some kind of projection.

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Kellyanne Conway, in an interview with Fox and Friends today, seemed to completely dissociate herself from her place of employment — something we all occasionally do when we’re tired of our jobs, but which seems like it might be a little harder as the President of the United States’ top advisor.

Speaking to the hosts about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments while Donald Trump was in the UK on his family vacation state visit with Queen Elizabeth II, Conway lashed out at the California Democrat, saying that she had lost control of not just her caucus, but her temper itself.

She doesn’t seem to have control over her temper when it comes to the President. Look at those awful incendiary remarks she made last week while he was abroad representing his country — a complete disgrace — and then has the audacity at Normandy sitting steps away from us to say, ‘Oh, well I don’t talk about the President when I’m in a foreign country, that’s my principle.’ But she had talked about the President while he was in a foreign country on a state visit. So she doesn’t have control over her temper when it comes to the President, and she doesn’t have control over her caucus.”

But Conway was, of course, comparing apples and oranges — Pelosi’s comments about seeing Trump “in prison” as opposed to impeached were made in private, not public comments, like the ones Trump made about Joe Biden while he was overseas. Those comments were leaked to the press, not proudly tweeted as the President did.


Kellyanne went on to discuss how many Democrats represented districts that Trump won in 2016, as though those districts were filled with voters who wanted something more moderate than what Democrats currently have to offer, completely ignoring the fact that Democrats won those districts if there are Democrats representing them. Aside from that tiny bit of simple math, she also seemed to forget that even if Trump hadn’t lost a single voter since the election that put him in office, if she wants to make that kind of statement, then Trump policies doesn’t represent even a simple majority of America — since he was trounced in the popular vote.

Regardless, the irony was too much for one interview. You can watch a clip of it below:

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