Watch As Trump Reminds Indy 500 Racing Team To Clap For Him At Ceremony To Honor Them

He has to clap for himself!

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Donald Trump simply can’t live without praise. Everywhere the goes, everything he does, he expects everyone around him to simply fall all over themselves in admiration and applause. When that doesn’t happen — and let’s face it, it often doesn’t — Donald tends to get pretty pissy pretty quickly and starts demanding that people fawn over him right this instant.

Trump made this nasty ego of his painfully apparent today when he met with Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud and Team Penske at the White House.

Donald, accompanied by Vice President Pence, as well as Roger Penske, gave Penske his obligatory praise on his 18 wins at Indy 500 and even expressed some admiration for NASCAR, saying he liked them because they endorse him.


Trump, while congratulating Pagenaud, claimed, “I wouldn’t do it.” But then seemed to change his mind after glancing over the large trophy prize and stated, “Maybe for that trophy, I would.” Because, well, of course he would if it meant he got to take home something big and shiny.

Donald was gifted a helmet from Pagenaud and he promised to find somewhere good to put it.

But the very best, and most pathetic part of the event wasn’t Trump drooling over the trophy. The very best moment — the one that has us all laughing that nervous laughter because his stupidity and immaturity is hilarious but, oh god, the state of our country — was the moment that Donald had to remind everyone to clap for him.

As the president walked out of the Oval Office, they all stood there, emotionless and unmoved, until Donald literally had to start clapping for himself to remind them all that they should be doing the same.

The blatant display of narcissism is just about more than I can take, folks.

Everybody clap for the clown!

You can watch the ridiculous explosion of ego here:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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