Terrified Trump Tries To Kiss Up To House Committee Chair As The Walls Start Closing In

He's feeling the pressure.

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Donald Trump is a vile, disrespectful, cruel human being with an ego the size of Texas. However, it seems that even the reigning douchebag supreme can find a little fake humility deep down inside his cold, dead heart when it comes to saving his own behind — which is currently and increasingly so, in some serious hot water.

Donald has made it clear, through off-script speech rants and numerous fat jokes, as well as his neurotic Twitter account, that he has no love for Rep. Jerry Nadler. After all, he is the chair of the House Oversight Committee that is currently working their asses off to bury every last one of the Trumps.

But as the committee led by Nadler continues to turn up the heat, Donald found it within himself to do a little ass-kissing as damage control when he called Nadler from Air Force One after the chairman was hospitalized.


Yahoo! News reported on Nadler’s health scare:

On May 24, Nadler was at an event promoting speed cameras at a school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when he appeared to grow faint, slumping slightly forward. Sitting next to him, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio offered Nadler water, but the 71-year-old congressman remained apparently dazed. Medical professionals were summoned, and an ambulance transported Nadler to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he spent the night.

His staff later said that he had suffered from dehydration, probably caused by the temperature in the crowded gymnasium. His staff also said that there were no serious medical conditions from which Nadler had been suffering. ‘Hospital was just a precaution,’ one Nadler staffer told Yahoo News.”

According to new reports, Trump learned of Nadler’s episode while watching TV and reached out to him, calling him “tough.” Evidentally, Trump wished the New York Democrat well and then hung up on him after acting as he could no longer hear.

Of course, the White House attempted to act coy about the phone call, declining to make much of any comment on it. But we all know damn well they’re the ones that pushed it to the news outlets in the first place.

Donald is scared, y’all. And it’s about to get a lot worse. He wants Nadler and the rest of the world to think that he can be a decent human being, that way *maybe* they’ll give him a good jail cell when everything comes crashing down.

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