Trump Is Currently Losing His Mind On Twitter After Former Nixon Lawyer Is Brought In To Testify

He is NOT having a very good day.

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The House Judiciary Committee is bringing in former Nixon attorney John Dean as a witness in a hearing today that they’re calling “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.” The logic behind bringing in Dean is pretty plain — he’s essentially the nation’s foremost expert on what constitutes criminal obstruction of justice by a US President.

The surprise witness, however, did not sit well with the President this particular hearing is about. He found out about the former White House Counsel’s appearance at the hearing yesterday, we presume, given his tweets in the evening about the upcoming session:


Of course, that’s all boilerplate at this point. There hasn’t been anything new in Trump’s cries of “NO COLLUSION! NO OBSTRUCTION!” since March.

But whatever the content of his tweets, the frequency of them, the pitch and fervor, those seem to tell the story of how Trump is really feeling. And if it’s possible to psychoanalyze a series of tweets, then as an amateur shrink sitting at his desk eating chips right now and typing this article, I’m gonna go ahead and say that the President is losing his mind over this.

The hearing is in full swing as we speak…

…and right on cue, not even 20 minutes after today’s hearing started, Trump was back at the old Twitter machine, having a minor coronary:

He can believe it, of course. In fact, Trump is no stranger to famous lawyers from the past — he publicly wished for his “own Roy Cohn,” referring to the lawyer for outwardly crazy Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy, who found dirty red commies under every rock (because Roy Cohn told him they were there).

But he is truly teetering here. The hearing is public and anyone peeking in on it can see the clear and broad examples of obstruction laid out in the Mueller Report, which the special counsel made clear he could not personally prosecute, but that he thought Congress certainly should.

Me? I just like seeing Trump sweat.

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