Twitter Users Respond After Trump Claims That “Few Work Harder” Than Ivanka

I think we have different definitions of 'work.'

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The only members of Donald Trump’s “administration” that have managed to actually keep their jobs without too much concern of being canned in the near future are the family members that he’s punted into undeserving positions within the government that they have absolutely no experience or qualifications for.

And of course, number one in the Trump family White House mob is daddy’s little princess, Ivanka — who, thanks to daddy dearest, managed to go from manufacturing cheaply-made, over-priced purses in China to the position of Advisor to the President without so much as an interview — most likely because Donald wants a decent excuse to be able to ogle her day in and day out.

Now it seems that daddy’s little trust fund baby has worked so very hard to help her father run the country into the dirt that she deserved herself a little vacation with her equally shitbag-ish hubby, Jared Kushner.


To remind the general public that she’s a spoiled brat who can do whatever she like while she rides her daddy’s coattails and the taxpayers’ dime, Ivanka recently took to her Twitter account to post a photo of herself and her WhatsApp fan of a husband, embracing each other with some sweetness while perched in front of some nature scene, captioning it, “The sun has set on an incredible weekend.”

While Twitter users had plenty to say about Ivanka’s own tweet, they were even quicker to jump all over her pop’s response when he retweeted the photo, claiming that he was surprised that Ivanka was vacationing in lieu of working, as “few work harder” than she does.

“Two incredible people. I can’t believe they’re not working (few work harder)!” Trump’s caption read.

Twitter users were certainly not shy with their thoughts:

“Hard work” isn’t even in their vocabulary.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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