MSNBC Host Warns Of Possible STD Outbreaks Thanks To The Trump Administration

That's not what 'spread the love' means, Donald.

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Donald Trump has been dead set from day one on making sure that reasonable healthcare, most notably women’s healthcare, becomes a thing of the past under his administration. He seems to think that Planned Parenthoods across the nation are nothing more than chop shops for baby parts instead of actual clinics that offer a variety of affordable and sometimes life-saving services — including mammograms, STD screenings, birth control, and yes, even abortions.

Trump has been on the warpath to defund and ultimately shut down these valuable resources since the moment he moved into the White House — and he seems to be doing so with absolutely no regards to the consequences. And they’re consequences that places like New Hampshire, who just released their second press release in less than six months warning of yet another mass outbreak of an STD, will be forced to suffer should access to screenings and treatments be limited even further.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explained how Trump’s administration could ultimately cause mass outbreaks similar to the situation in NH:


“But here’s a story that just broke this afternoon that I think is likely to have pretty profound consequences all over the country,” Maddow began. “And one of the reasons we know that — or at least we have reason to suspect that — is because we’ve already seen a few little case studies about how exactly this is going to go wrong, because there are a few states that sort of beat the rest of the country to the punchline on this one.”

“Here is a deeply, deeply, unhappy press release that was set out by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services in January 2017,” she continued.

“New Hampshire is experiencing an outbreak of gonorrhea,” read the headline in question.

“So like, if you work for state government in New Hampshire, that’s not like a red-letter day. That’s not a banner day. Right. The day you have to send out the press release about the state experiencing a horrific outbreak of gonorrhea,” the MSNBC host went on to explain.

“Turns out the gonorrhea press release was good practice,” Maddow stated. “Within five-month, New Hampshire had to put out another press release with the same cherry tone, just a little a bit of difference in the details.”

“New Hampshire is also experiencing an outbreak of syphilis,” read the press release.

“But as the state of New Hampshire has been coping with this difficult problem, with this spike in sexually transmitted diseases, there has been a major complication that is believed to have worsened this outbreak,” she continued.

“A decision by the Trump Administration to add new restrictions to federal funding for healthcare clinics that provide abortions, most notably Planned Parenthood, has taken a bite out of services,” Maddow explained. “One casualty of that funding crunch providers say has been STD testing.”

Condoms have never been more important than they are now, folks.

You can watch the clip here:

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