Trump’s Latest Tweet Should Terrify The Nation, Says Bolton, Who Is Known For Being A War Hawk, Was “Holding Me Back”

Nothing about this is okay.

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Donald Trump just can’t stop tweeting about what an utter and complete genius he is. I mean we all know he’s the most brilliant mind at least since David Koresh, and skilled at the same thing to boot, but just in case we weren’t constantly thinking about how unquestionably superior his mental capacity is to that of all other humans, Trump is there to helpfully remind us with an occasional misspelled common word or a complete misunderstanding of a simple mathematical process.

See, I was setting you up with a little sarcasm there because it’s the only thing keeping me from just flipping my keyboard over and stomping out of my house in tears after reading his latest “why I fired the mustache guy” tweet.

In it, he quote-tweets Senator Marco Rubio — the quote tweet being one of his favorite devices on Twitter, since it allows him to simply add a pithy little statement to something written by someone far more literate and capable — who had been talking about a recent conversation he had with the President. So this already starts weird: Marco Rubio tweets about talking to Trump, then Trump tweets about Marco Rubio tweeting about talking to Trump. The whole thing is very performative and dependent on the audience.


And then you get what he’s saying. He’s talking about invading Venezuela. He’s talking about cracking down on Cuban sympathizers here in America. He is saying that he is a bigger dickhead than John Bolton, and that is some cold-blooded shit to say.

If the biggest war hawk of the last half-century — the man who once joked about literally destroying the top ten floors of the UN building in New York because he’s that opposed to a global peace process — was “holding back” Donald Trump from some further action he might have otherwise considered, then every American has the right to know what might be coming next, so we can either prepare ourselves, get to being terrified, or turn on the sarcasm and hope this menace gets impeached before he pushes the big red button.

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