Hillary Clinton Just Trolled The Entire GOP With One Single Image

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Some days are easier than others when it comes to being able to tell who’s wound up in politics, and who is in their element. With the third Democratic debate coming up tonight, we’d love to see some of the candidates relax a little and see if they can just enjoy the humor that’s available in literally every aspect of politics if you just find it and joke about it.

Like the candidate the last time around, Hillary Clinton. She took a beating in the media and from Republican attacks, WON the most votes in the election, but is stuck on the outside looking in. But if being “forced” to travel the world and have a few laughs while remaining engaged in causes that are important to her is hard on the former Secretary of State, it’s sure not showing up on her social media.

Venice, Italy is host to the “Biennale,” a biennial art exhibit known internationally for its exquisite and groundbreaking work. This year’s featured a piece by artist and poet Kenneth Goldsmith, who submitted an installation entitled “The Hillary Clinton Emails,” which showcases a mock Resolute Desk like the one in the Oval Office and a trove of the infamous emails that were the bedrock of Republican criticism of her as a candidate.


The artist was floored, according to the Huffington Post, when Clinton herself showed up at his exhibit and sat to read from her own emails for at least an hour. And as she was wrapping up her time as part of an art piece, Hillary produced a little performance art of her own for her Twitter account. Posing, she sat for a photo which she later tweeted out with a priceless caption for all of the Republicans back home in the United States:

Put a pantsuit on THAT, GOPansies.

Featured image via screen capture

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