Source Claims Trump Regularly Criticizes Don Jr.’s Fox News Appearances: “Why Did He Say That?”

Donnie's not always so fond of his namesake.

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Donald Trump has been finding himself in some pretty serious hot water with his kiddos here lately. Of course, none of us can forget the huge Tiffany Trump debacle that was plastered all over the news recently when Trump’s now-former personal secretary got a little too inebriated one night and spilled the beans to reporters — revealing that Donald isn’t often seen in public or photographed with his youngest daughter because he thinks that she’s too fat.

Then yesterday, during a press briefing with Melania in the Oval Office, Trump seemed to forget for a moment that Barron even belonged to him, stating that Melania “has a son” before he quickly doubled back and added “together” in an attempt to correct his blunder.

And let’s face it, his relationship with his oldest daughter Ivanka is just skeevy, at best.


Now it seems that his relationship with his sycophantic older son, Don Jr. is a bit more tumultuous than we thought, as well.

According to a new report from The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins, Donald isn’t fond of his eldest child’s appearances on the Trump-loving Fox News network.

One former White House aide revealed to Coppins that while Donald generally dotes on his daughter Ivanka’s Fox News segments, he doesn’t show near as much love for Junior.

The former aide claims that Trump often pops off with statements like “Why did he say that?” and “He doesn’t know what he’s doing” when he’s watching his spawn on TV.

But regardless of his aggravation with his son’s Fox appearances, Coppins reports that Donald still sees Junior as a potential heir to his political reign and feels that he could win big if he ran for public office in a rural red state.

“According to Republicans familiar with the discussions, he considered running for office somewhere in the Mountain West, where his love of guns and hunting could help woo voters,” Coppins stated. “A privately commissioned poll in Montana—passed around enthusiastically among Don’s inner circle—showed that 75 percent of the state’s Republicans viewed him favorably.”

You can read the full report here.

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