Man Who Trump Once Called “My African American” Says He Is Leaving The GOP


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As a general rule, Donald Trump really wants people of color and minorities to think that he’s a good person who cares about them and their troubles and isn’t a racist dickbag — but he wants them to think that without him actually having to do anything to prove it. Because, he actually is a racist dickbag that does not give a single flying fuck about people of color, minorities, or the problems that they face.

He just wants them to vote for him and say nice things about him.

He’s the true definition of a spoiled little fuckwit that wants to have his cake and eat it too — i.e. he wants to be a racist but wants everyone to treat him and love him as though he isn’t.


And that has led us to where we are today.

A fine example of Trump’s rhetoric and behavior surrounding people of color can be seen in the way Trump spoke about one member of the GOP, Gregory Cheadle, who Donald once referred to at a rally as “my African American” — which is essentially Trump speak for, “You can’t call me racist! I have a friend that’s black!”

But it seems that the man Donald dubbed his black property has finally tossed off the rose-colored glasses and said a big, fat fuck you to the Republican party.

Cheadle revealed to PBS NewsHour that he has washed his hands of the GOP and will instead be running for a U.S. House of Representative seat in 2020 on the Independent ticket after finally getting fed up with Trump’s relentless rhetoric regarding race and his blatant lack of diversity within his administration.

The 62-year-old real estate broker was a fan of the Republican approach to the economy. However, he explained that under Trump’s reign he has watched that party pursue a “pro-white” agenda while merely using people of color such as himself as little more than “political pawns” in their game.

According to Cheadle, the final blow to his Republican loyalty, after switching to the party from an Independent in 2001, came when he watched throngs of GOPers run to Donald’s defense after he launched a brazenly racist attack against four Congresswomen of color.

“President Trump is a rich guy who is mired in white privilege to the extreme. Cheadle stated. “Republicans are too sheepish to call him out on anything and they are afraid of losing their positions and losing any power themselves.”

“They were sidestepping the people of color issue and saying that ‘No, it’s not racist,'” he continued. “They were saying these people were socialists and communists. That’s what they were saying. And I thought this is a classic case of whites not seeing racism because they want to put blinders on and make it about something else.”

Speaking on Donald’s “my African American” comment, Gregory said that he took it as a joke at the time, but has now found himself looking back on that with tribulation. “I’m more critical of it today than I was back then because today I wonder to what extent he said that for political gain or for attention,” he stated.

The former GOPer went on to explain that he understands that many will criticize him for waiting far too long to depart the party, and he accepts that as “correct” but had been holding out hope that the GOP would move towards working for black citizens and their needs — which he no longer expects.

“When you look at his appointments for the bench: White, white, white, white white, white, white,” he said of Trump’s judicial nominations. “That to me is really damning to everybody else because no one else gets a chance because he’s thinking that the whites are superior, period.”

It’s pretty safe to say at this point that Trump’s time is up. He’s no longer able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public as he continues to display his hatred and racism in broad daylight.

Good luck getting to do it for another four years, dude.

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