Former Fox News Producer Says “I Can’t Tell You How Unpopular Trump Is Here”

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The relationship between Trump and his beloved Fox News Network has been a tumultuous one at best lately. Trump expects the network to operate much like a state-run media outlet, only reporting news that he’s approved, sure to paint him in a good light, and either ignore or blatantly dispute anything that says otherwise — even if that means outright lying.

And while the network certainly did as much for quite some time it seems that they’re slowly but surely coming around to actual rational thought — and Donnie doesn’t like it.

In fact, just back in June Donald took to his Twitter account to declare that “Something weird is going on at Fox.”


And thanks to a new report from DCReport, we now not only know that Trump’s assessment is correct, we know why, as well.

One longtime Fox News producer revealed to DCReport, “I can’t tell you how unpopular Trump is here and people are getting bolder about saying so.”

Perhaps that’s why they refuse to continue peddling Donald’s blatant misinformation to the public and have now begun reporting on what’s actually taking place in today’s political environment — such as Trump’s disgraceful failure in the polls and refusing to stand behind him 100 percent on his recent Alabama debacle.

And while Fox’s sudden 180 on the president has certainly brought his dismal ratings to the front and center, despite Trump’s hardest wishes and prayers it’s done nothing to affect theirs.

TVNewser reported that in spite of Trump’s ongoing feud with the network as well as internal turmoil between on-air hosts and producers due to Trump’s attacks, FNC still came in as the most-watched basic cable network in the country for the successional week in a row as of August 26th.

Longtime TV critic Bruce Fretts told DCReport, “Trump’s base has been with Fox News longer than they’ve been with Trump. They’re still probably going to vote for Trump but their real loyalty is to Fox. Trump still needs Fox to speak to his base. So he’s got to either bite the bullet and say these are my guys—or totally shoot himself in the foot.”

It seems that Donald expected all of those devoted Fox News fans to become devoted Donald Trump fans. However, when the cookie finally crumbles and Fox has become officially fed up with his bullshit, he will be sad to see that many of those supporters weren’t really supporters at all. They just really like Fox News.

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