Trump’s Expression Is Caught On Camera As European President Tears Him A New One In Front Of The World

This absolutely says it all.

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During the ceremonies in Paris less than two months ago, world leaders were gathered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the holiday that came to be known as Veterans’ Day here in America. Donald Trump had already been busy making himself look like an ass all weekend, but his face betrayed him one more time before he could get up and make any remarks of his own during the solemn event.

As French President Emmanuel Macron delivered his own speech, he commented on the term “nationalist,” a word Trump has recently used on several occasions to describe himself. Many have taken it to mean Trump is in solidarity with others in America who label themselves as such — namely white nationalists, whom Trump has thus far failed to condemn for their ongoing terrorism here on native soil.

But Macron took the more traditional meaning of the word, which is to say, someone whose primary concerns are not for the well-being of the world, but for his own self-interest. Describing America as a country which practices nationalism — rather than patriotism — is an important distinction, and one that Presidents before Trump have never made.


America has been the standard-bearer for the world in generosity, humanitarian and foreign aid, and generally the sense of family that arises around the globe when another country falls on hard times or a natural disaster strikes. Trump can’t even bring himself to display that kind of unity within his own country: He let Puerto Rico drown for weeks and weeks during Hurricane Maria, refused aid to “blue” states during this year’s hurricane season, and even blamed Californians for the wildfires that ravaged their state.

Macron, correctly, pointed out that “looking out for number one” above all else is contrary to the American way and to what the world needs in terms of mutual assistance. Trump didn’t take kindly to the speech. A reporter captured the moment in photographs when Trump finally understood that Macron was speaking directly about him as he talked about betraying human values, and it sums up Trump’s reaction to everything that isn’t favorable to him:

This is the face of a President who doesn’t like to be called out for his attitude:

Featured image via screen capture

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