NBC Host Predicts Humiliating Way That Donald Trump’s Presidency Will End And It’s Absolutely Brutal

The ideal scenario, honestly.

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Recently, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO series Real Time for a one-on-one interview, and among the topics that were discussed was an imagining of how the Trump administration might come to a whimpering end.

Clearly, Lawrence has spent some time imagining it, as we here at DC Tribune figure many of Trump’s less enthusiastic constituents have.

O’Donnell was reluctant to even give his prediction, simply because of how far off all of the predictions about election night 2016 ended up being.


But he did weigh in on the fact that, despite what many have claimed, “the polls” never actually had Hillary Clinton way out in front of Donald Trump in 2016. It’s a common talking point among Republicans that “the polls” were all wrong, but as Lawrence points out, she always polled within the margin of error against Trump.

Then Bill asked him how he thought Trump’s presidency might end, and that was something O’Donnell was more than willing to speculate on:

The most likely ending of it is when Elizabeth Warren, or whoever the Democratic nominee is, beats him in the next election.”

That may be disappointing to some — many truly hope for impeachment and possibly prison for the President before that time. But Bill pressed on, offering the idea that perhaps Donald Trump wouldn’t just come quietly at the end of his time in the Oval Office — “You think … he will just greet her at the door on January 20th?”

That’s when Lawrence became adamant:

It’s not up to him. Has nothing to do with him. Because she becomes president because of the time of day, not because of anything he does. When [the clock] strikes 12, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court will administer the oath of office to her, no matter where it is—he doesn’t have to show up, he never has to concede, he doesn’t have to do a thing. The second she takes the oath she’s the president, he isn’t any longer. The Secret Service will physically remove him from the building, if he’s still there.”

“Did you ever have to remove a tick from your dog?” Maher asks.

Watch the exchange here:

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