Trump’s Actions Before Declaring National Emergency Revealed, Confirms Everything That’s Wrong With Him

The president is CRAZY!

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Donald Trump seems completely unhinged every single day of his presidency, but today when he actually declared a national emergency over his fabricated border crisis and wall funding, the president has never looked worse. It’s hard to imagine that Trump’s reputation could be further damaged, but then a new report comes out.

The Wall Street Journal has just published behind-the-scenes information about how Trump has been behaving in the White House when it comes to his border wall – and what’s happened behind closed doors makes the president’s Twitter account look like a walk in the park. According to the report’s author, Michael Bender, Trump has continued to blame the wall’s funding issues on everyone but himself.

The report reveals that Trump has shouted and berated his staff repeatedly, and in one tense 2017 exchange related to his border wall funding, Trump yelled “Who the f— put that in my request?” That was directed at Trump’s legislative affairs director Marc Short, while former chief of staff John Kelly silently looked on. Throughout Bender’s piece, there are several failures cited where it was clearly Trump’s fault and yet he refused to take responsibility. Bender wrote:


Yet in the two years since Mr. Trump took office, there had been no single official appointed within his administration to champion the wall. A revolving cast handled negotiations with Congress over paying for it. And the picture of what, exactly, the wall should be kept shifting.”

Instead, the president has blamed everyone else, including fellow Republicans. The Wall Street Journal wrote:

During the shutdown last month, Mr. Trump complained to conservative allies that Paul Ryan should have pushed harder for wall funds. Last weekend, the president complained about it again during a meeting with a Republican member of the committee that negotiated the latest deal.”

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