Trump Was Caught Making A Gesture At Protester During Ohio Rally

He can't even manage to do THIS right.

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There weren’t honestly a whole lot of surprises last night at Donald Trump’s ego rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Trump did and said the things he was widely expected to say and do: Double down on everything offensive in the news for the last few weeks, claim credit for a bunch of things he didn’t do, and just generally work on inciting the crowd of usually around eight to ten thousand people into hating immigrants and Muslims more than they already did.

It’s formulaic at this point, is what I’m saying.

So those of us forced to cover his rallies — because it’s the news and someone has to write it — are reduced to looking for small things that are out of the ordinary, or worse than usual, or funny or awkward or whatever, you get the point.


Last night’s highlights were notable at points: Trump promised to cure AIDS and cancer, a Trump supporter beat up an old man in the parking lot, and the President himself made what appears to be a jerk-off motion at a protester who was being escorted from the premises.

Wait, what?

I mean, maybe that’s the Wharton School version of the wanking motion? We’re actually not quite sure, but it looks like it translates roughly to “YOU… Are a jerk off.”

Regardless of whether that’s exactly what Trump intended with the very purposeful gesture, it would certainly fit all the hallmarks of that intent: Extreme exaggeration in the motion that would be required for him to, uh, perform that maneuver, unwitting acknowledgment of his tiny baby hands, and an awkward, robotic take on something regular people do all the time.

Whatever it was, it certainly caused more than a blip on our radar, which was littered with illegal immigrants, how terrible Baltimore is, and SOCIALISM BAD. Now, please Mr. President. Give us another month off until the next one.

Featured image via screen capture

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