Trump Makes Criticizing Baltimore Part Of His Campaign Speech, Claims Homicide Rate Is Higher Than In Afghanistan

He could tell his crowd that their own city was a hellscape and they'd believe him.

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I guess we probably should have expected it. After all, his racist base has responded with such approval and fury when Trump bellows about Baltimore that it’s amazing he hasn’t forgotten how to pronounce all other words.

Trump’s now-routine displays of hatred for an American city (that he’s actually also the President of, in case that’s lost on anyone) are part of a larger narrative among Republicans. That narrative is that bad people live in cities, and good people live in rural areas. Cities that experience growth in their economies or reductions in their crime rates do so in spite of the evil Democrats who run the city because the rural areas around them are becoming nicer.

You hear it drip off their code words: Hollywood. Elitist. Harvard.


At this point, it literally is an escalation game to see just how bad he can make Baltimore sound, and tonight he may have found the magic ratio of bullshit to bombshell.

Now, never mind the fact that Baltimore doesn’t even have the highest homicide rate in America — that honor goes to St. Louis — this idiot just seriously said more people die in a city in Maryland than in the war-torn country of Afghanistan. It’s ridiculous, of course, but he covered his ass — he said he was sure the media would fact-check him and let him know if he was wrong, which he of course KNOWS he is. But if and when anyone does call him out on it, he’ll remind them that he said he was exaggerating.

And the rally crowd will continue believing that it’s more dangerous in Baltimore than in Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazari Sharif, and Kabul put together.

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