Trump Stormed Out Of BBC Interview After Being Busted For Lying About Connection To Russian Mobster

This blew up in his face!

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Donald Trump’s about to wish that he never became involved with Russia, because we’re seeing this blow up in the president’s face in real time.

A video has just resurfaced that has caught The Donald in a major lie regarding his relationship with Russian mob-linked felon Felix Sater. As with all of his shady dealings with Russians, the president tried to hide it.

The footage, which was taken two years ago, shows Trump fleeing a BBC interview when he is asked by the interviewer about his connection with Sater. This old video was brought to light by The Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin. You can watch it below:


Dworkin continued to call Trump out and even posted a video of the president confessing that he knew Sater (and lying under oath – no surprise at all!):

And the plot thickens as Dworkin continued to expose the president. It turns out that Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. also has quite the history with Sater, and starting doing business with the felon over a decade ago!

After this tweet, Dworkin updated his information base:

This is of great interest at the moment, as Democrat-controlled House Committees have postponed Sater’s testimony before Congress — but it’s expected very soon.

We’re watching everything blow up in the president’s face, and it is amazing.

Featured image via screen capture

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