GOP Advisor Came Forward, Revealed The Exact Moment He Realized POTUS Is “An Actual Traitor”

This is really eye-opening.

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One by one, Republicans continue to wake up to the fact that the president, who they had so much hope for, is actually a traitor.

Let’s revisit one very important instance of this, which happened just earlier this year. Scott Dworkin from the Democratic Coalition reported that yet another important figure in the GOP has realized the truth about Trump, and was extremely disappointed. This happened after Senator Dianne Feinstein (D–CA), the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, made public the transcript of the committee’s interview with one of the founders whose firm produced the dossier explaining how Trump got help from Russia in the election. Once this was made public, it woke up a ton of Republicans who had been defending the president. Dworkin reported:

A friend who advises a House Republican just told me they truly didn’t believe the Russia allegations against Trump. So they’ve just been dismissing it. Today they read the Fusion GPS transcript & it was like a light turned on. Realizing Trump is an actual traitor. Sad to watch.”


It’s crazy that it would even take this long or take looking at a transcript for many Republicans to realize how corrupt the president is, despite there being so much other evidence. The GOP should be ashamed of itself, as the Republican Party has willing and readily enabled a con artist to get into the White House, and sat back while he continues to destroy the country.

When a Republican advisor actually needs to point out that the president is a traitor, it’s not a good sign for the party at all.

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