Nancy Pelosi Makes Major Trump Announcement, Says She May Have “No Choice” But To Impeach

It's about damn time.

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has left Democrats and Republicans alike a bit disappointed when it comes to her lukewarm take on the impeachment of president Donald Trump. She has stated on more than one occasion that she feels like impeachment would just further divide our nation and she thinks that Donald Trump, as a human being, is just “not worth it.”

She has been a staunch advocate of instead thoroughly investigating the president and his wrongdoings to come up with the cold, hard facts — free from prejudice, passion, and politics. Pelosi seems to believe that this path will be the best way to ensure that we have all of the information possible to make the best, most informed decision moving forward.

However, as we mentioned, many other members of Congress, as well as the American public, don’t agree with the Speaker’s sentiment — feeling that the contents of the Mueller report in combination with Trump behavior in both the past as the present as well as his expected future behavior, is more than enough to begin impeachment proceedings soon than later.


When Nancy sat down with Time magazine’s national political correspondent Molly Ball, she admitted that, while she is not currently on the impeachment bandwagon just yet, she intends to demand the full, unredacted Mueller report from the Department of Justice — and depending on what lies within that, Congress may have “no choice” but to begin the impeachment process of Donald Trump if that is where the facts ultimately lead.

In the course of the interview for Time magazine, Pelosi made it clear that while she cannot yet endorse impeachment, she finds that Donald Trump is an “existential threat” to our nation. She touched on everything from immigration and climate control in her talk with Ball and held nothing back in her disdain for the president.

Watch the segment here:

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