Trump Responds To Photo Of Wad Of Cash In His Back Pocket: “Maybe A President Is Not Supposed To Do It”

Yeah, right.

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Yesterday, a photo of Donald Trump made the rounds on social media featuring the president boarding Air Force One with a wad of haphazardly placed cash sticking out of his back pocket, and it sparked lots of questions and comments from users.

Is it on the more petty side of things we’ve nitpicked him over? Yea, it is. But do we care? No. Not really. Considering he’s the type of guy that will ridicule you for the flavor of bubblegum you choose to chew — we think he honestly deserves the pettiest of the petty. He should, after all, have to live up to his own impossible standards, no?


But, of course, Donald Trump can’t possibly allow anyone anywhere to criticize him for anything at all without quickly finding a way to fire back. And that’s exactly what he did when it comes to questions over his peculiar back pocket full of money.

What was his excuse, you ask? Well, that cash was for tips, of course! As if you’d ever, for even one hot second, believe that Donald Trump has ever tipped anyone in his whole entire life (and no, Stormy Daniels does not count).

“I do like leaving tips to the hotel,” Trump told reporters yesterday evening as he pulled another large wad of cash from his pocket and held it up. “I like to carry a little something. I like to give tips to the hotel. I’m telling you, maybe a president is not supposed to do it, but I like to leave a tip for the hotel, etc.”

He then went on to explain that his cash is carelessly stuffed in his pocket rather than a wallet because he hasn’t “had to use a credit card in a long time.”

Trump mulled over the viral photograph with reporters as he prepared to take back off for DC last night after his 3-day visit to California.

“Oh, that’s funny. So the jacket was blowing up?” he stated. “Boy, that’s a good picture. Hey, I’d like a piece of that picture.”

Here’s a tip for you, Trump. Resign.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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