Twitter Reacts To Photo Of Cash Hanging Out Of Trump’s Pocket As He Boards Air Force One: “This Picture Is A Perfect Metaphor For His Presidency”

Does he have more porn starts to pay off?

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Donald Trump does a lot of dumb shit. Like… A whole lot. Sometimes it’s huge things, like attempting to instigate a war with pretty much every other country in the world because he can’t figure out how to be a big, bad dictator like Putin or Kim Jong Un and he has to take his frustrations out somewhere. And sometimes it’s kinda small shit, like constantly referring to himself in third-person or making a crapton of childish typos in his incessant Twitter rants.

And honestly, we like to jump on all of it. Is it maybe a tiny bit petty? Possibly. But the dude is quite literally ruining our country in the quickest and worst ways possible. So, we feel like we have the right to call him out on his bullshit — both large and small.

Like when Trump was photographed boarding Air Force One with a wad of cash hanging out of his back pocket. It’s a small, really inconsequential thing in the large scheme of shitty things that Donald Trump does. But, it’s aggravating, nonetheless. And after everything this nation has been put through at his hands, not to mention the fact that Donald will literally destroy someone for chewing the wrong fucking bubblegum, we feel we’ve earned the right to be petty about the small things.


In the photograph that’s now making its rounds on social media, Trump can be seen boarding the presidential plane when the wind blows his coat up in the back, exposing what looks like a small wad of twenty-dollar bills that had been haphazardly stuffed into his back pocket.

Again, this seems like a small thing. But one Twitter user made a really good point as to why it’s a bigger deal than just some cash in a dude’s pocket:

This kinda just goes to show that Donald really has absolutely no respect for anything. At all. And also, there’s a good chance that that’s some taxpayer money that’s filling his pocket. And we’re certainly still pissed over that.

The rest of Twitter wasn’t quite as eloquent in their responses, but they were certainly hilarious:

Ahh… I do love Twitter sometimes.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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