Trump Reportedly Wants To Buy Greenland, Country Responds: “If He Is Truly Contemplating This, Then This Is Final Proof That He Gas Gone Mad”

They've seen how he runs a country. They're not interested.

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Evidently, Donald Trump isn’t satisfied with ruining one country, he wants to ruin them all. And according to new reports, he wants to start with Greenland.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Trump has expressed interest in purchasing the country on multiple different occasions — and his aides are apparently quite bewildered by the entire idea while Greenland is just kicking back laughing at his audacity.

Rebecca Ballhaus with the Wall Street Journal reported, “Trump has repeatedly expressed interest—with varying degrees of seriousness—in buying Greenland, asking advisers whether it would be feasible and directing the White House counsel to look into it.”


Followed by a report from the Washington Post, citing two sources very familiar with the president’s desires, writing that Donald’s, “request has bewildered aides, some of whom continue to believe it isn’t serious, but Trump has mentioned it for weeks.”

In the wake of Trump’s pouty tantrum for a new country, Greenland’s government and residents alike have responded to his desires.

The country’s government released a short but straight to the point statement to POTUS, simply saying, “Greenland is not for sale.”

However, citizens of the island had a little more to add:

“They tried to buy us in 1867, during Second World War, and now they are trying again,” stated local resident Bent Abeelsen to CNN. “Not gonna happen.”

Aaja Chemnitz Larsen stated that she is “sure a majority in Greenland believes it is better to have a relation to Denmark than the United States, in the long-term.”

While senior lawmaker of the Danish Social Liberal Party, Martin Lidegaard said, “We are talking about real people and you can’t just sell Greenland like an old colonial power. But what we can take seriously is that the U.S. stakes and interest in the Arctic is significantly on the rise, and they want a much bigger influence.”

But perhaps the best response came from foreign affairs spokesman for the Danish People’s Party, Soren Espersen who stated, “If he is truly contemplating this, then this is final proof that he has gone mad. The thought of Denmark selling 50,000 citizens to the United States is completely ridiculous.”

The Oompa Loompas should be along to sing a song about Trump’s selfishness and egotism any moment now.

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