Trump Claimed He Was Once Named “Michigan’s “Man Of The Year,” Only Problem- There Is No Evidence He Received Such An Award

Does he have no shame at all?!

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I’m willing to bet that CNN’s fact-checkers are sitting at the top of Donald Trump’s shit list right about now after they busted him in the umpteenth lie of his presidency.

During Donald’s MAGA reelection rally in Manchester, New Hampshire last night a plethora of lies and bullshit flowed forth from his mouth — which certainly isn’t untypical. But the fact-checkers over at CNN had a little fun with his nonsense today when they called him out for his brazen falsehoods.

During the rally, Trump attempted to claim that he was once named as Michigan’s “Man Of The Year.”


This isn’t the first time that Donald has touted this false claim, with the first instance occurring during a 2016 rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan where he stated, “I’ve been fighting for the car industry for years. I was honored five years ago. Man of the Year in Michigan. That was a great honor for me,” before adding the claim that there was some controversy around his alleged acceptance speech, “During my speech, all I talked about is what Mexico and these other countries are doing to us. And especially what they’re doing to Michigan. That’s all I talked about. And I was criticized. They said, ‘Donald, speak about something else.’ I said, ‘No. What’s happening is horrible.'”

Trump has since repeated the claim several times throughout his presidency and took the opportunity last night to harp on it again:

“In fact, five or six years before I even thought about running, for whatever reason they named me Man of the Year in Michigan. I said, ‘How come?’ I didn’t even understand it myself,” he stated. “When I was named Man of the Year, I wasn’t even political. That was years before I did this. But I was always complaining that our car business is being stolen.”

But lo and behold, it took but a mere moment for the folks over at CNN to complete debunk his claims once again — because absolutely no evidence of such achievement exists.

Both CNN and HuffPost have conducted repeated, extensive checks over the years in regards to Trump’s claims and have come up empty-handed every damn time.

CNN attempted to contact Trump’s campaign, who unsurprisingly never answered, poured through new archives, and Googled their fingers off to no avail.

In the end, Donald is just a big, fat lying liar, folks.

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