Trump Likes To Talk About Crowd Size At His Events, But Photos Of His Rally From Last Night Shows Several Empty Seats

Elton John packs seats, Donnie.

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Donald Trump held himself another 2020 reelection rally last night in Manchester, New Hampshire and this one was pretty much like all the rest — chock full of hateful rhetoric, a boatload of lies out of the mouth of the president which his supporters continued to eat up like manna from heaven, and at least one protester thrown in there for fun.

And, of course, no Trump rally is ever really, truly complete without an egotistical brag about crowd size from the Trumpster himself.

No sooner than his racist shindig disguised as a reelection rally was over, Trump was hopping on his beloved Twitter account to make sure everyone knew that a whole bunch of dumbasses turned up to his party.


Great news! Tonight, we broke the all-time attendance record previously held by Elton John at #SNHUArena in Manchester, New Hampshire!” Trump’s tweet read, complete with a few hand-picked photos of the crowd in attendance last night. 

But, as we all expected, Trump was busted yet again, like he is every time he attempts to claim that the whole world loves him when WRKO out of Boston posted their own tweet in response to Donald’s showing more than a few empty seats in the arena.

It seems that even the 2016 Trump rats are starting to scatter after they’ve begun to realize what a complete dumpster fire this presidency has turned out to be. Even Fox News is now admitting that Donald is absolutely floundering in the polls and not to mention the fact that his rallies are just the same old boring-ass shit, time after time after time.

And even the MAGA dimwits don’t want to waste their evening in a sweaty, stinky arena listening to the man spew the same nonsense that they could read on Twitter from the comfort of their mom’s couch.

Featured image via Twitter

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