Trump Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day By Posting A Picture Of Himself

This is as tacky as it gets.

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Whatever you might think of Donald Trump’s vanity, unfortunately, it’s just not bad enough. It will never be bad enough, because it seems that each and every day, Trump finds a new way to make everything in the world about himself.

That’s not just in terms of politics, either, although the Republicans surrounding him have made it exceedingly easy for him to do that — from allowing him to take credit for their own suggestions to letting him claim successes decades in the making, all the while preening and attempting to appear like a unitary executive, as though he alone decides everything that happens in Washington DC and, indeed, the nation.

But maybe the most disgusting examples of Trump’s excesses of conceit come on days when the nation is supposed to be honoring another person, or cause, or just taking a moment to be solemn and reflect. In these instances, Trump is like the man at the end of the church pew praying louder than everyone, conspicuously sneaking glances around to make sure everyone sees him being so pious.


From his very first holiday post after the election — where he unceremoniously posted a photo of himself fist-pumping in front of a Christmas tree, the words “President-Elect” taking the place of, say, his wife and family:

To his post commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year, in which he mentioned himself as often as he mentioned the civil rights icon, complete with video of himself talking about his great gesture that every president has done every year for the last 33 years:

But today’s is perhaps one of the most disgusting of all. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day — truly one of the most solemn opportunities to reflect on the arc of history and one’s own place in it — and once again, Trump marked it with, you guessed it… a picture of himself:

The tweet is, of course, in lieu of him actually speaking to the public on this memorial event. We’re just happy it’s not a selfie of him with a thumbs up and a cheesy grin eating matzoh soup.

Featured image via screen capture

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