Obama Got Heckled By Conservatives At Democratic Event, His Response Put Trump To Shame

Trump will never fill these shoes.

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Former President Barack Obama is pretty much everything that Donald Trump is not, and this fact only continues to become more and more solidified as Trump’s presidency drags on. Obama had a grace that Trump will never possess, and his finest moments are worth revisiting to remind America that we once had a great president who made us stronger.

Trump is anything but classy when it comes to handling people who disagree with him. Trump would rather bully and incite violence, whereas Obama regularly uses humor and grace to diffuse heated situations. For example, there was an instance during midterm elections when Obama was heckled by Republicans as he stumped for Democrats in Florida. A heckler had interrupted Obama and he calmly responded, “We’re OK, we’re OK.” In fact, Obama embraced it.

This is what I look forward to, is to have a few hecklers to get me back in the mood. It’s like I enjoy that. You always got to have a few in order to know that you’re on the campaign trail.”

And when it happened again, Obama continued to handle the hecklers like a pro:


Here’s the deal: If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates. Don’t be here. One of the things I never understood was why, if you’re supporting the other guy, you come to my rally.”


Obama even used some humor, which Trump has no idea how to do:

Why is it that the folks that won the last election are so mad all the time? I mean, like, when I won the presidency, at least my side felt pretty good. Even the folks who are in charge are still mad, because they’re getting ginned up to be mad.”


In comparison, Trump has threatened to physically harm protesters. One time, Trump said:

I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

He also said, “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.”

What a role model for America’s youth. If Trump weren’t so stupid, he could probably learn a lot from Obama.

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