Trump Goes Crazy After He Realizes Fox News Has Given Up On The Wall, Attacks His Favorite News Station

He's like a cornered animal at this point.

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Sunday marked a low point in Donald Trump’s tenure as President, as he lashed out at “fake news” that no one else seems to have seen or heard. Lending even more credence to the rumors that Trump is losing control of his mental faculties, when he attempted to go after Fox News hosts John Roberts and Gillian Turner, he tagged a random woman in Weed, California by the same name — only with a “J” instead of a “G” — before deleting it and trying again around 15 minutes later:

It only got worse from there.


The tweet he was trying to make before he was so rudely interrupted by a staff member telling him he was about to inadvertently ruin some poor citizen’s life wasn’t any better: It made no sense, referenced something no one can figure out, and put on full display just how desperate and pathetic Donald Trump truly is.

After Politico reported last Friday that Trump was overheard telling someone “Nancy is never going to give me what I want,” one might think he had accepted that almost everyone except his loyal base understands the border wall is never going to happen. That is apparently not the case. Both Trump and his press secretary have now publicly stated his intention to simply shut the government down again on February 15th if Democrats have not agreed by then to fund the wall.

But his mistaken belief that people support the wall comes from the insular world he lives in. Take the “19% with Hispanics” line from his tweet — he’s quoting a Marist poll of 1,023 people, only 15 percent of whom identified as Hispanic.

That’s perhaps why this particular tweet sounds so panicky — he’s so used to Fox News being a regular source of comforting, carefully crafted coddling that the second he saw Roberts and Turner reporting anything but his own personal narrative, he lost his mind. But the pair, as pointed out by their colleague Julie Banderas, are not opinion reporters — so whatever the coverage was that Trump objected to, it wasn’t even the standard slanted Fox coverage.

It was almost like an old man yelling at clouds after the weather reporter says it’s going to rain.

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