Trump Made Some Very Awkward Comments About Government Shutdowns In 2013, Now It’s Coming Back To Haunt Him

Trump's never looked worse!

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It’s truly a phenomenon that no matter what happens in Donald Trump’s presidency or no matter what the president says, there’s always a previous tweet or interview to make him look terrible. Never in America have we seen so many lies and hypocrisy, and it’s unfathomable that there are still people who can justify supporting this clown.

Thanks to the president’s government shutdown over his pathetic border wall, some comments Trump made during Obama’s presidency are coming back around to bite him in the a*s. While Trump has refused to take any accountability for the shutdown and is blaming it all on the Democrats, this is in stark contrast to what Trump said in 2013 during Obama’s presidency, when he claimed that the blame for a government shutdown rested solely on the president.

In an interview with Fox News five years ago, Trump blasted Obama during a pending shutdown over funding. “Fox & Friends” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Trump, “Who’s getting fired? Who’s going to bear the brunt of the responsibility if indeed there is a government shutdown?” Here’s how Trump responded:


If you say who gets fired it always has to be the top. Problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top. And the president’s the leader. He’s got to get everyone in a room and he’s gotta lead. But he doesn’t do that. And that’s why you have this horrible situation going on in Washington. It’s a very, very bad thing and it’s very embarrassing worldwide.”

Trump also said that when people look back at a shutdown, they’re “going to be talking about … who the president was at that time. They’re not going to be talking about who was the head of the House, the head of the Senate, who’s running things in Washington.”

You can watch the segment below:

Well…this is certainly awkward now, isn’t it? This was Trump’s stance on the shutdown as of yesterday, following his comments that he would be “proud” to cause a shutdown over “border security.”

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