Trump’s Incoming Chief Of Staff Just Made Him Look Like A Complete Idiot In Live Interview

This just made Trump look TERRIBLE.

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So far, things between Donald Trump and his incoming Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney look like they’re going to be even more tense than the president’s relationship with John Kelly. Not only has Mulvaney been exposed for previously calling Trump’s ridiculous border wall “childish” (among other things), but Mulvaney is having a really hard time hiding his true feelings about his new boss. Whenever he goes on television, he really can’t help but make Trump look like the idiot he is.

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, guest host Jon Karl interviewed Mulvaney about Trump, who had recently claimed to be oblivious about ISIS coalition special presidential envoy Brett McGurk. Earlier today, Trump casually stated he not to know anything about McGurk’s resignation, tweeting this:


During the interview, Mulvaney tried to tell Karl that Gen. James Mattis and Trump “just could never get on the same page about foreign policy and national defense” when the subject of McGurk came up. Karl pointed out that Trump said he didn’t know the point person for anti-ISIS efforts:

Well, if you look at what the president – how the president responded to McGurk, he said that he had never met him, he doesn’t know him. McGurk’s title is the ‘Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS’. How is it that the president doesn’t know his point person in the battle against ISIS?”

Mulvaney responded by making things worse and continued to emphasis that Trump did not know who McGurk was:

You know the answer to that. The administration is thousands of – the executive branch of government is millions of people– I have no idea who that person is. Never heard of him–”

Kark seemed stunned that the President of the United States wasn’t aware of one of the key people on top of ISIS. Mulvaney just continued to make things worse, because in his quest to defend Trump he eventually confessed that Trump just wasn’t paying attention to the matter:

I’m certain – I’m certain he’s well-known within the folks who follow this topic, I think the fact that the president of the United States doesn’t know him. I just don’t think should cause anybody any concern.”

You can watch the interview below, where there is a clear distinction that shows Trump not being one of the people who actually follow what is going on with ISIS.

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