Trump Family Collapsing As POTUS Isolates Himself And Sulks About Being Abandoned By His White House

This could rip everyone apart.

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Donald Trump has been falling apart since the moment his presidency began and he realized he would actually have to work hard for the first time in his life. But over the last few weeks, investigations, resignations, and tons of backlash have been piling up and it’s wearing the president down like we’ve never seen. Things have gotten to such a terrible extent that it’s affected Trump’s entire family, which may now be in just as much trouble as his administration.

The New York Times has reported while Trump rages and goes through a dark period of anger and isolation thanks to the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the president’s relationship with his family has never been worse and is imploding just as quickly as his administration.

The Times writes that Trump has been telling those closest to him that he feels “totally and completely abandoned” and that no one is on his side anymore. To his most inner circle, Trump has actually confided that some people in his administration are actively working against him — and one of those people is his son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner. Even worse, the Times wrote that Trump’s relationship with his children “has grown more removed and that he feels he does not have a friend in the White House.”


While Ivanka and Kushner once seemed like Trump’s right hand, things seem to have changed drastically. The report states that Trump disagrees with his daughter and Kushner “much of the time” but struggles with telling them “No.” He has resorted to making outgoing Chief of Staff John Kelly to do his dirty work. This, of course, backfired and made things even more tense in the White House, which could be part of the reason why Kelly is leaving.

To add to Trump’s isolation, he is reaching out to friends far less often. At White House events, the president no longer mingles. Instead, he makes a brief appearance for photos and then heads upstairs to be alone.

Trump’s mental health is declining. While he may be a terrible president and human being, to ignore that this is a person who is tremendously suffering in front of the country is irresponsible. Shame on the Republican Party for turning a blind eye while Trump falls apart and takes the rest of the country down with him.

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