Trump Lashes Out At His Campaign Team During Pennsylvania Rally, Whines Like A Baby

Nothing ever makes him happy.

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Donald Trump is an asshole. Yes, we all already know that. But sometimes it bears repeating. This is one of those times.

He doesn’t even reserve his assholery for the people that he doesn’t like either. If you piss him off, disobey him, or make him uncomfortable in any way, he’s going to be a dick.

Today, the subject of his ire happened to be his own campaign team and this time it wasn’t even because they’re all under investigation. This evening, Trump was big mad because of the way they arranged the stage of his campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania. That’s not even the best part though. His anger was over the fact that there was light in his eyes.


“I thought that was the sun in my eyes, it’s these stupid lights — these people,” Trump whined, talking in regards to the people working on his re-election campaign team.

“What are they doing?” he asked.

“Is there any way they can turn these lights down, folks?” he continued to groan. “Crazy.”

“You’ve got a thing called the sun,” Trump said as he pointed to the sky. Because otherwise, Trump supporters would have no idea where that big ball of light is located.

“We like the sun better than the artificial nonsense,” he pouted.

Let’s be real here. Trump wasn’t so mad about the fact that the light was in his delicate, squinty little eyeballs. He was more so miffed that the fluorescent, “artificial” lights were showcasing his fake, orange spray tan. Any bets on how many people lost their jobs after that?

You can watch the video here:

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