Trump Just Put The Most Disgraceful Painting Of Himself In The White House, Americans Are Furious

The White House will never be the same.

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When Donald Trump moved into the White House, many of us joked that he was going to ruin it with his redecorating, turning everything to his tacky trademark gold. Trump has definitely made the White House a far less elegant place since replacing former president Barack Obama, and his latest piece of decor has Americans throwing a fit.

Trump has just added a new piece of artwork to the White House, and most of us will agree right away that it should not be there. Trump has just hung a painting of himself that is so narcissistic and beyond reality, it’ll actually make you angry.

The painting, which is called “The Republican Club” by artist Andy Thomas, depicts Trump sitting at a table relaxing with Republican presidents of the past — which is an updated version of the image that is commonly sold in gift shops and online galleries. This painting was first spotted in the background of a 60 Minutes interview last night, and people started freaking out over it immediately.


Sitting between Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, Trump also sits with presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and both Bushes. Let’s just say that Trump looks nothing like himself in this painting — Trump actually looks somewhat likable and friendly and has seemingly lost over 100 pounds.

Critics are blasting the painting, calling “tacky,” “a travesty,” and “blasphemy.” See for yourself:

Trump was given the painting by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who is a fan of Thomas’ work. Thomas said that despite the backlash he’s getting for creating the painting, the president himself really loved it (likely because for once, he doesn’t look like the most hated man in America). Thomas said:

He had actually given a me real gracious call to tell me how much he liked it. He was very complimentary. He made a comment that he’d seen a lot of paintings of himself and he rarely liked them.”

While Trump may appreciate the painting, the rest of America does not. Here are just some of the brutal responses:

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