The Real Reason Fox News Is Ditching Trump Is Revealed And It Will Devastate Him

This is REALLY bad news for Trump and the GOP.

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While Politico recently released a report that shows how badly president Donald Trump is failing at the one thing he cares about most — ratings on Fox News — a more detailed explanation about what’s been going on will be even more devastating for Trump.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to Fox News, you may have noticed that you’ve been seeing less and less of the unhinged president on the network. It turns out that the only mainstream pro-Trump network is now avoiding any coverage of his rallies (and it’s not just because he’s less popular now than he was before). As Trump is currently on an all-out media blitz ahead of midterm elections, this could be extremely damaging for the president’s ego and his future.

In a segment on MSNBC, Trump’s disappearance from Fox News was discussed extensively and several surprising revelations were made. AM Joy fill-in host Ali Velshi asked:


What do you think is happening here? Why is Donald Trump [avoided] after so long being able to manipulate the media into covering his stuff and creating good ratings — what’s happening?”

ShareBlue editor Eric Boehlert explained that the network was tired of being bombarded by Trump, who was killing the network’s reputation, ratings, and ad revenue:

I think it is saturation. He calls into Fox News at eleven o’clock at night. He calls back the next morning for a 45-minute rambling interview. At the end of the interview, the host says, ‘Shouldn’t you be running the country at this point? It’s not good for business, right? He’s not providing anything new. He’s producing just redundant programming and for Fox News, for instance, you know, these hour-long rallies are in primetime — they can’t run any ads.

You do that once or twice as a favor to Trump, that’s fine. You do that six or seven times a month, you’re going to lose tens of millions of dollars and he’s not producing any bump.”

As if it couldn’t get any worse than that for Trump, Boehlert mocked the president for his desperation and pointed out just how badly Trump needs any media attention right now:

He’s in a very needy mode right now, more than usual, and he’s not producing anything entertaining so people are cutting the cord.”

This is REALLY bad news for Trump and the GOP, but we’re glad to finally see it happening. You can watch this interesting segment below:

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