As Floridians Rebuild Their Lives After Devastating Hurricane, Trump Is Proving Once Again How Unfit He Is As POTUS

This is just ridiculous.

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According to the White House press pool, Donald Trump is spending the day at one of his golf resorts, his 161st so far of his presidency, which maintains his steady record of spending a little more than a quarter of his time since his inauguration on one of his properties.

It’s more than a little surprising, as the President has been nervous about appearing uncaring or cold during a natural disaster — but since he’s not being criticized by any of his fellow Republicans or even remotely by any of his supporters, it could be that he has simply concluded that no one he’s concerned with really cares whether he acts like a President or not.

But it’s not just Hurricane Michael that has critics upset about Trump’s golfing:


That’s the founder of the Democratic Coalition, Scott Dworkin, making an excellent point. Trump is almost beyond the point of trying to even distract people anymore, just brazenly taking a mini-vacation in the middle of a time of great upheaval in his presidency, with the hurricane, news that he’s looking for a new way to separate families at the border as a deterrent to entry — the same move that resulted in the literal loss of thousands of children earlier this year — and the mystery surrounding the murder of a Washington Post journalist that Trump does not want to address for fear of upsetting a giant arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

What is Trump doing? Golfing, hanging out with Kanye West, and holding rallies.

This is not the behavior of a man who should be in charge of anything at all.

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