Trump’s Top Economic Advisor Just Fact Checked Him On National Television, Makes POTUS Look Crazy

This is unbelievable.

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It’s pretty bad when your own team has to be responsible for calling out your fake news, but for President Donald Trump this is an everyday occurrence. Yet despite how humiliating it is every time, the Tweeter in Chief has yet to learn his lesson about spreading lies and misinformation.

Earlier today, Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow had to go on national television to fact check his boss, who recently went on a rant about how the Fed is out of control. During the interview with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, Kudlow was put on the spot and asked directly about Trump’s comments. Bringing up Trump’s remarks that “the Fed is going wild,” Stephanopoulos asked Kudlow, “Do you believe the Fed is out of control?”

Kudlow was visibly squirming and uncomfortable during this interview, and he tried to avoid answering the question before realizing he didn’t really have a choice. Kudlow eventually fact-checked the president and said:


I don’t personally, but the president respects the independence of the Fed. He said as much during these comments. He’s not telling them or mandating them to change their policy. He’s just raising a very important issue, which, by the way, everyone else in the world is raising.”

Isn’t it terrifying to have a president who uses his opinion to make policies instead of facts? This is exactly why America is in the position it’s in, and yet Trump refuses to rely on the experts in his team to help him fix things. The fact that his own economic advisor does not agree with him speaks volumes.

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