Trump’s Own Voters Just Trashed Him On National Television, GOP In Big Trouble For Midterms

This will be devastating to the Republican Party.

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Donald Trump is literally scaring lifelong Republicans and independent voters away from the GOP in droves, creating the perfect circumstances for the Democratic Party to take control after the midterm elections. CNN’s most recent voter panel has just signaled that the Republican Party is in more trouble than it could have ever imagined, and it’s all thanks to Trump.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota spoke to a half-dozen independent voters in this panel, half of which voted for Trump in 2016. When asked what they think of Trump now and how they feel about the 2018 midterms, let’s just say this was a train wreck for the GOP. Just take a look at this exchange between Camerota and Trump voter Anthony Miles:

Camerota: Anthony, how are you feeling?
Miles: Afraid.
Camerota: Of what?
Miles: The dictator in the White House. He has no empathy for anything. He will never admit when he makes a mistake.”

Holy crap, and that’s far from the worst of it. Miles also said he voted for Trump because he thought he might “drain the swamp” in Washington, but “all he’s done is surrounded himself with crooks.”


Sydney Cohan, who also regrets voting for Trump, called Trump “the wannabe dictator in the White House” and said:

The divisiveness in this country right now, and the rhetoric coming from the president, is a daily exhausting thing.”

Lifelong Republican Stephanie Martin stated that she was so “embarrassed” by Trump and the GOP that she is considering changing parties. She said:

The values coming from the White House just don’t mesh up with what I believe.”

While Camerota at one point actually tried to defend Trump by bringing up the economy, the Trump voters weren’t having it. Nancy Celentano, another regretful Trump voter, said she was “not even thinking about” the economy. She said the devastating border separations of migrant children from their parents “really broke [her] heart.” She said:

I’m thinking about what he’s done to our country.”

At one point, Miles asked himself, “Is this the America that I grew up in? I don’t think so.”

The panel took a somber tone as Cohan spoke up, pointing out Trump’s disgusting treatment of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford and the president’s own sexual assault accusers. She said:

I’m a victim of rape. And to hear this woman sit in front and under oath, swear and tell her story about what happened to her, only to have grown men laugh at her, mock her. I just don’t know where the bottom is anymore.”

Many panelists agreed with her, calling Trump’s actions toward accusers “shameful.”

This is truly an eye-opening look at the future of the GOP, which may actually be extinct after November. You can watch this panel below:

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