Trump Is Met With Protesters Who Held Up Signs That Read “Resign” And “Jail Trump” As He Tried To Leave Golf Course

That's gotta sting!

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Donald Trump has spent 219 days on a golf course since his inauguration in 2017, according to Trump Golf Count, and the fact that he’s now the subject of a real-life impeachment inquiry has seemingly done absolutely nothing to change that.

I guess he really needed some R&R after such a scandalous phone call with Ukraine.

So, today, he and Senator Lindsey “Lapdog” Graham hit the links to play a few rounds as old pals and most likely collaborate their stories so they knew exactly what clusterfuckery they should be spewing when they’re inevitably questioned over Trump’s attempt to extort a foreign country for dirt on a political opponent in the coming days.


In fact, Lindsey himself said that he and the president would certainly be discussing “what’s going on with the whistleblower” during their excursion.

But according to the White House Press Pool report, this afternoon, Trump and Lindsey’s little outing didn’t exactly go smoothly.

Per the report, the pair were met by 10 to 15 protesters lined up at the entrance of Trump National Golf Club as the presidential motorcade was departing the golf course, holding up signs aimed at the president that read “Resign,” “This is not normal,” and “Jail Trump.”

You would think, by now, that Trump would have realized that there is nowhere for him to go that people won’t positively hate his guts — even his own property. There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide.

If he’s really that desperate for some rest and relaxation, might I suggest he resign? He may have a few days of peace and quiet to collect himself before the Southern District of New York packs him away in handcuffs. And perhaps once he’s there they can bunk him with Cohen. They can catch up on old times.

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