Trump And Graham Are Golfing Together Today And The Internet Has Thoughts: “How Can Lindsey Golf Without A Backbone?”

'Golf' actually means 'collaborate stories' in this instance.

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Donald Trump has had a rough few days, folks. He’s found himself on the ol’ chopping block courtesy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after someone tattled on him for making a shady phone call to Ukraine to try to steal yet another election from this country through dirt on his political opponent. And no, I promise I’m not talking about the infamous Trump Tower meeting. He actually did it again.

He even released the transcripts of the call in question all by himself hoping that it would just make people leave him alone — and even that just came back to bite him in the ass because it was horribly self-incriminating, it just showed that he did exactly what the whistleblower said he did. Nancy made her decision to cut him off at the knees before he even got to release it anyway.

To say the least, he’s under A LOT of stress right now?


And what does Donald Trump do when he’s feeling blue? (Or when he’s happy, or mad, or bored, or pretty much any other time?) He golfs!

Evidently, he also thought this would be the perfect time to have a little company on his excursion as well, in the form of Senator and famed Trump lapdog, Lindsey Graham.

Graham told reporters yesterday that he had plans to go golfing with the idiot-in-chief today and they intended to chat about “what’s going on with the whistleblower.”

Now, NBC White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell has confirmed in a tweet that the Senator and Trump are, in fact, enjoying a friendly golf outing today per an acknowledgment from the White House.

“Rare acknowledgment from the WH of @realDonaldTrump golf partners for the day. ‘Today, President Donald J. Trump is playing golf with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and two legendary professional golfers, Gary Player and Annika Sörenstam,'” O’Donnell’s tweet read.

Needless to say, Twitter users had plenty of thoughts about Trump’s schedule with the Senator today:

So basically, they’re either cooking up collaborated stories in hopes that they both won’t go down in flames, or Lindsey is wired and about to fuck Trump’s eyeballs out.

Personally, I’m holding out hope for option number two.

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