Connecticut Newspaper Becomes The First To Speak Out, Calls On Trump To Resign Citing “Damning Evidence”

Now it's time for the rest of them to follow suit!

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It was only a matter of time before media outlets in the United States began to call on Donald Trump to resign from his position as President in the wake of a formal impeachment inquiry that was announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday after Trump was caught red-handed attempting to extort the country of Ukraine into giving him dirt on Joe Biden by withholding military funding and aid.

And honestly, it’s really the only right thing for him to do, despite the fact that we all know his ego is far too large to even consider it.

While larger publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post have yet to release any statements regarding Trump’s resignation from office, one smaller but equally as important outlet has taken up the torch, calling on Donald to step down, leading the way for the rest to follow.


The Editorial Board of the Connecticut Post, the state’s newspaper of record, wrote:

This is an impeachable offense. Republicans spent Wednesday arguing there was no explicit quid pro quo, but there is seemingly no line the president can cross that would inspire them to put the public good ahead of politics. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, joined by the entirety of Connecticut’s congressional delegation, has called for impeachment proceedings, and that process must now begin in earnest.

The proper next step for the president is clear. He should resign. He has repeatedly proven himself unfit for office and appears to view the presidency as a position meant to benefit himself personally, not as one that must represent the interests of an entire nation.

Because there’s almost no chance he is going to step down, Congress’ work becomes that much more vital.

The truth is that Trump has been breaking laws and norms with impunity from the beginning.”

While it is a small publication, we can only hope that this is a sign of more to come from larger outlets across the nation. It is time to find our voices, large and small. Donald Trump has to go.

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