Trump Turns Hispanic Heritage Month Speech Into Campaign For Border Wall

He couldn't give even one decent speech.

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I’m sure you’ve determined by now that Donald Trump has a whole lot less of a problem with actual immigration and a whole lot bigger one with brown people coming into the United States — which, of course, is a direct result of nothing more than his blatant racism that, quite frankly, he doesn’t seem to even feel the need to hide anymore.

He’s proven as much by showing that he has absolutely no concern over white immigrants like his wife — who, let’s face it, didn’t come here exactly legally unless banging Donald Trump makes you a “genius” — but when it comes to anyone that has more melanin in their skin than he does, it’s a no go for him.

That’s why brown people get border walls and travel bans while folks like Melania get a hefty weekly allowance and a bed in the White House.


It ain’t got nothin’ to do with immigration, folks.

But nevertheless, Donald does generally try to make it look as though he’s not the giant racist shitbag that he truly is — for no other reason than the fact that he wants those brown people that he plans to deport to vote for him before he sends them packing.

The thing is though, he’s not very good at faking it.

Yesterday, Donald delivered a speech from the White House in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. After he finished gagging and whining to his bitchboy Pence about how much he didn’t want to say something nice about brown people, I’m sure, he took to the podium to deliver his remarks.

But if you thought for a moment that perhaps he just got up there and said something quick but decent before he scattered like a rat from the stage, you’d be wrong.

Instead, he used this opportunity that was supposed to be a celebration of Hispanic heritage and he turned it into an infomercial for his border wall that’s specifically designed to keep Hispanic people out of this country.

While addressing what looked to be a crowd full of white people Trump stated, “We’re also incredibly thankful for the thousands of Hispanic Americans serving on the frontlines protecting our border.”

“And you know better than any people,” Trump continued. “How important borders are. You know better than anybody.”

Yes, Donald. Millions of Hispanic people across this nation and around the world are just tickled pink about you deporting them and building a massive wall to keep them away from you. Whatever helps you sleep at night, fuckwit.

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