Trump Goes On Saturday Evening Tweetstorm, Attacks “Liddle’ Adam Schiff” Again

Trump missed his meds Saturday afternoon and is now losing his shit on Twitter... again.

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This week has definitely been one for the books. With everything coming to a head when Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, everyone started losing their minds including Donald Trump himself.

Trump, yet again, took to Twitter Saturday to lose his ever-loving orange shit, and this time claimed everyone around him was lying. He wrote:

The Whistleblower’s complaint is completely different and at odds from my actual conversation with the new President of Ukraine. The so-called ‘Whistleblower’ knew practically NOTHING in that those ridiculous charges were far more dramatic & wrong, just like Liddle’ Adam Schiff..”


….fraudulently and illegally inserted his made up & twisted words into my call with the Ukrainian President to make it look like I did something very wrong. He then boldly read those words to Congress and millions of people, defaming & libeling me. He must resign from Congress!”

If anyone must resign from anything, it’s a little-dicked orange shitgibbon named Donald J. Trump.

A user on Twitter put Trump in his place, though, when he reminded the demented idiot that the complaint was actually corroborated by the transcript that was made public.

The Whistleblower’s complaint was entirely corroborated by the doctored memo of the call that Trump’s lapdog Attorney General Barr released to the public. But most importantly, the whistleblower mentioned the transcript was placed in a top secret codeword server as a cover up.”

The only people who aren’t listening to the truth are the people who worship at Trump’s orange, crusty toes. The transcript literally shows Trump pressed for the Ukranian president to investigate the Democratic national candidate Joe Biden. Furthermore, the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel opinion did find that the complaint was credible… not completely different and at odds.

Twitter users responded to Trump’s tweet and it was what you would expect from people who actually have more brain cells than a jar of mayonnaise.

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Tori Smith