Trump Has A Hissy Fit In Front Of Polish President, Attacks US Media In Unhinged Rant

He is a huge embarrassment!

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The fact of the business is, Donald Trump is the biggest, most embarrassing smear on this country’s good name in the history of pretty much ever. I don’t think Nixon was quite as blatantly and publicly shameful as this guy is.

The man is constantly clamoring about everything from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi, to the Mueller report, to the “fake news media.” And he absolutely does not give a damn who’s around. He will spout off to anyone that will halfway pay attention. The worst part of it is, he has a terrible tendency to act like a petulant 4-year-old when he’s in the presence of other world leaders — making our country as a whole look immature and completely ridiculous.

And, as no surprise to us or the rest of the world, he did just that again today as he met with the president of Poland. During the sit down with the Polish president, in the midst of scolding a reporter for asking him questions, lying about tariffs and the Mueller report, and threatening to redeploy our troops, Trump took the opportunity to go off on a tangent, trashing America’s media in front of the world leader.


He began by ranting about the “fake polls” that are predicting a losing 2020 reelection for him, then turned to the Polish president and began bashing American media for covering the polls that aren’t in his favor.

“Much of the media in this country, unfortunately, is corrupt. I have to tell you that, Mr. President,” Trump stated. “Some of it is excellent,” of course referencing his beloved Fox News Network that refuses to paint the president as anything short of a Godsend.

“But some is very bad,” he added.

He then went on to talk over the reporters that were trying to ask him questions, claiming that, despite the numbers shown in numerous polls, he still has 2020 in the bag — citing his 2016 election campaign as proof. You know, the one where fewer Americans voted for him than for his opponent.

It is absolutely humiliating as an American citizen to watch our president literally throw a hissy fit in the face of a world leader.

You can watch the clip here:

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