Trump Proudly Insists California Officials Admitted He Was “Right” About The Fires, Only Problem — They Didn’t

All he ever does is lie!

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It’s probably safe to say that every single time Donald Trump opens his mouth, some falsehood or another is going to jump out of it. Sometimes it makes you wonder if he can even control it anymore, if he’s actually just become so accustomed to it that telling a lie is just his brain’s default these days — or if his mental health has finally deteriorated so far that he’s literally just living in his own fantasy world now.

During a speech in Iowa that was supposed to be about renewable energy, Donald opened up speculation on the state of his failing mind once again when he perpetuated his insane claim that the deadly wildfires that swept through California last year were a result of “poor forest management.”


“We are finally starting to see some progress on better forest management,” Trump claimed during today’s speech. “Remember I went to California [last November], I saw something that nobody has ever seen — it was like a blowtorch. It was 80 mile an hour winds, and the death and destruction was incredible, and I said, ‘you need forest management.’ They were saying it was global warming. It could have had something to do with it, but you need forest management.”

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. In addition to reiterating the nonsensical claim, Trump took the opportunity to take an undeserved victory lap, claiming that California officials were now admitting that he was right all along. Except, go figure, they didn’t!

In fact, Trump’s harebrained claims were swiftly debunked by both fact-checkers as well as reputable scientists who blisteringly pointed out that not only were the fires a result of climate changes but that a large portion of the area affected by the fires wasn’t even forest. But that did nothing to staunch Trump’s ridiculous lies.

“You can’t let 15 and 20 years of leaves and broken trees and dead wood that after the first 18 months is dry as a bone — you can’t let that be there,” Trump stated. “You have to clean it, you have to clean those floors of the forest, and you’re gonna see a big difference.”

He then went on to try and flip the blame on the people that mocked his suggestions:

“And actually, they mocked me. They said, ‘Oh what’s he doing, he’s talking about sweeping the floors.’ Well, I don’t use the word ‘sweeping,’ but you have to have forest management. And all of the sudden about four weeks after that happened they learned I was right. And now they are managing the forest at least as much as they could. They have a long way to go because there’s a lot of it. But when you look, every year, year after year, you see California mostly burning down — it’s management. And I think they’re going to do a much better job.”

You can watch the insane clip here:

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