Trump Goes Ballistic, Freaks Out On Reporter Who Called Him Out On His Lies “Quiet, Quiet, Quiet!”

This is a man losing his grip on reality.

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Whether it was just the humming, buzzing, throbbing headache he must have had over his abysmal poll numbers or just the general sense that everything is crumbling down around him, Donald Trump was in a foul, foul mood yesterday.

That may not make for exciting news — he’s usually not in a great mood, given he knows that the world mostly hates him — but watching him have tiny public meltdowns when people corner him with something uncomfortable… Now that’s entertainment.

Senior White House correspondent for Playboy and CNN political analyst Brian J. Karem was on hand as Trump was getting ready to depart for Iowa yesterday — the now-famed lawn Q&A featuring what many believed to be a blank piece of paper being used as a prop, but later discovered to be a typed-out version of exactly what Trump’s been saying about the Mexico “deal” for a week now — and he got a firsthand look at Trump’s mental state.


Being a reporter for a non-DC publication has its merits: While folks from NYT and WaPo are forced to continue pretending like the President says things that are true occasionally, Karem has no such restrictions, and he was in rare form as he called out his questions to Trump about lying to the American public.

That’s the kind of reporting we would like to see more of — perhaps a reporter showing up with a video on their cell phone of something the President had subsequently denied saying recently and then forcing him to watch as other cameras show him being confronted with his lies in real time.

But Trump does NOT like that one bit.

Watch the President’s face contort into a menacing scowl as Karem shouts his questions along with the rest of the press corps:

“Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!” the President says to Karem, holding up the “shush” finger.

We could watch this all day.

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