Trump Spiraling Out Of Control Behind Closed Doors, Rants To Aides About “Suing” Dems For Trying To Impeach Him

He is losing it!

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When it comes to impeaching Donald Trump, the Democrats are certainly a house divided. While most, such as Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are more than ready to see him go, it seems that it’s going to take a lot more to convince the most important Democrat — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has taken to playing the long game, hoping that relentless investigations will bury the president without the trickiness of actual impeachment proceedings.

But it seems that Nancy’s reluctance to move forward with impeachment has done nothing to quell Donald’s nervousness and anger behind closed doors. According to a new report from the Washington Post, Trump is going out of his mind inside the walls of the White House, going on rants to whichever aides will listen, claiming that he will “sue” Democrats if they try to impeach him.

Ashley Parker reports from the Post that Donald is threatening to go to the U.S. Supreme Court and telling his aides and advisors that he will “sue” the Democrats should they begin impeachment proceedings against him. Parker is reporting based on conversations had with 15 Trump administration insiders, ranging from aides within the White House to outside advisors to the president. Of course, Donald has made this same threat publicly numerous times, but according to Parker’s report after receiving inside details, it’s a near constant thing.


Parker notes in her report that many legal scholars are calling Trump out on his nonsense, stating that the mere idea of a US president suing Congress for initiating constitutional impeachment proceedings is downright lunacy. A constitutional law professor at Harvard University, Laurence Tribe, even took to Twitter to castigate Trump’s threats as “idiocy,” posting, “Not even a SCOTUS filled with Trump appointees would get in the way of the House or Senate.”

However, Harvard law professor and staunch Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz claims that the Supreme Court could in fact intervene, should they believe that Congress acted unconstitutionally.

The fact of the business is, the future of impeachment is still just as unclear today as it has been all along. But Trump’s repeated, deranged reactions to the mere thought of it continues to speak volumes.

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